I offer workshops and training to organisations as I want to share the experience and knowledge that I have acquired over the years.


As counsellors we practice in an individual and solitary way therefore I facilitate a learning workshop structure which allows other's experiences to be explored. 


I know I gain greater learning when I am in a group and through these workshops and each others experiences we are better able to meet the struggles of our clients. 



  • Coping with Anxiety


  • Loss and Grief: Supporting Families and Individuals through Bereavement 

  • Supporting Young People through Loss and Grief

  • Being with The Suicidal Client: The challenge practitioners face when distressed clients express suicidal thoughts

  • Supporting Young People when there is Illness in the Family

  • Being Creative in Supporting Children

  • Traumatic Grief: Flashbacks, Anxiety and Panic, PTSD

These can be adapted to suit your needs regarding length of session i.e. half day or an evening session.

Please contact me for session fees.