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Suicidal Warning Signs


Not everyone who has suicidal thoughts has mental health issues and not everyone who thinks about suicide will tell someone or give any indication that they are contemplating taking their own life.

However there are often warning signs:-


  • Talking about death or suicide

  • Talking about feeling hopeless or worthless

  • Talking about being a burden - ''You would be better off it I wasn't here''

  • Talking about unbearable pain or overwhelming problems that seem insurmountable

  • Becoming more socially isolated

  • Increased use of alcohol or drugs

  • Looking for ways of killing themselves – researching the internet


It is a myth that those who talk about it won't do it and that talking to someone about suicide encourages it.


Suicide attempts are made by both women and men in equal numbers but men use more violent methods so the outcome is more likely to be death.


Most people do not want to die. A person contemplating suicide is usually so distressed that they feel suicide is their only option. A permanent solution to a temporary problem.

For further information on how to talk to someone if you have any concerns that they may be feeling suicidal:-

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